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Medicare Advantage Leads

How To Grow Your Business With Medicare Advantage Plans Leads

Grow Your Business With Medicare Advantage Plans Leads

Are you looking to capture more Medicare Advantage leads? Is your traditional method of generating insurance leads feeling stale like old bread? At The Leads Warehouse, we can give you a new way to source quality leads so you can improve your ROI and work smarter (not harder) on your lead generation strategy. 

Keep reading as we describe ways to grow your business with Medicare Advantage Leads.

Why Buy Medicare Advantage Plans Leads

Whether you’re marketing to the Special Election Period (SEP) market, the T65 Medicare Advantage market, or the Annual Election Period (AEP) market, we’ve got you covered with tips to help you grow your business. Let’s start by discussing why Medicare Advantage Plan Leads are so important. 

Why Medicare Advantage Plans Leads Are Important

Whether you’re new to selling insurance, new to selling Medicare Advantage, or even a seasoned insurance salesperson, you should know that the secret to success in this industry is having a tried-and-true lead generation strategy. 

Plus, generating these types of leads is different from other insurance types. And there are plenty of compliance rules that you must adhere to regarding the sale of Medicare Advantage programs. For example, insurance agents aren’t allowed to cold call for new business, which means many people rely on paid leads. However, opt-in leads are free to call! There’s also a ton of competition from lead generators and carriers alike!

The Leads Warehouse offers high-quality, and affordable Medicare Supplements and Advantage Plans leads. They are opt-in only, with dozens of filters to choose from, and proven to perform for our clients. We’ve got what you need when you’re ready to specialize in providing supplemental insurance to current Medicare holders.

What Is The SEP Market?

The primary strategy that many agents use is explicitly targeting the Special Election Period (SEP) market. The SEP market is a year-round sales opportunity so you won’t be limited to a year-end Medicare season. This is still a relatively untapped market full of opportunities to help you grow your customer base and convert more sales. The SEP market targets Medicare Advantage clients that switch plans any time of the year. You might choose to filter your leads based on those who might qualify for low-income subsidies, labeled as “Dual Eligible,”. Or those looking for unique plans to cover chronic diseases. 

Since most Medicare Advantage markets only work for a small portion of the year, the SEP market allows you to hone your sales strategy all year long. Targeting clientele during the Annual Enrollment Period is obviously a good choice. But there’s only so much business you can write about in that time period. 

In our experience, we’ve found that the SEP market is full of clientele that is ignorant of the fact that there are better Medicare Advantage plans available to them. This market is largely underserved, which means you have the opportunity to give them exactly what they need.

Turning 65 Market

The Turning 65 Market provides a massive opportunity for agents interested in selling both Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Supplement Insurance. 

This market can be very successful if you already have an intimate and intuitive understanding of how Medicare works. And you can offer potential clients a variety of plans that will fit their needs. Not everyone will want a Medicare Advantage plan if you’re selling to the T65 market. Therefore, it would benefit you to have plenty of options available to your potential clients looking for additional care. You should have all the major carriers under your belt including Aetna, 

Your T65 market is considering owning a Medicare plan for the first time. And they are likely already buried in a pile of junk mail and tv advertisements telling them what they should get. In fact, by the time you get to them, they’ll likely be very confused and not sure what to do. If you can simply and adequately explain how Medicare works, you will undoubtedly close more deals and create happier clients. 

One drawback to the T65 market is that you’ll likely have to schedule several touchpoints and phone calls before actually closing the deal. This is because they’ll want to review all their other options and put off buying for a while. On the other hand, AEP and SEP markets are almost always a one-call close scenario.

Annual Enrollment Period Marketing

As we mentioned above, all agents should be aware of and market heavily during AEP and their year-round efforts. With the level of Medicare promotion at its highest, it is the best time for agents of all experience levels to sell Medicare Advantage plans.

All seniors are thinking about Medicare and what level of insurance and care they need as they get older. Take advantage of this market by being knowledgeable about the different plans available to them. 

Why Buy Medicare Supplements And Advantage Plans From The Leads Warehouse

At The Leads Warehouse, we’re veterans at finding the best leads so that our clients can exceed their conversion goals. We’ve been in the lead generation business for nearly 20 years. And we’ve made it our personal mission to provide only solid leads. We’ve tested 100s of Medicare publishers so you don’t have to get burned with bad leads! As a result, you can trust that our senior insurance lists and Medicare Advantage Plans lists are the best available. 

Now is the time to jumpstart your lead-generation strategy and test our leads for yourself. Each of our lists is:

  • Filtered to your Target Demographic
  • Medicare Opt-In Internet Generated
  • Priced Well Below Market Average
  • Proven Track Record of Conversions
  • Flexible Age Ranges and Pricing
  • High-Volume Available
  • 100% Re-buy Rate

What are you waiting for? All of our leads are opt-in, meaning that each one is actively looking for someone to help them with their insurance needs. So get started here, and let us know how else we can help you hit your CPA, ROI, and conversion goals. 

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