Tips to Handle the Slow Season of Winter in Residential Solar Installations with aged solar leads


aged solar leads

Spice up your social media with aged solar eads

This down time is a great time to increase your social media presence. Keep your followers up to date on the latest solar tax incentives. You could also run a contest/giveaway an item like a home depot gift card to one of the homeowners who does an energy audit. You can use aged solar leads to build your social media presence and create an instant following.

Also, show some numbers. How long will it take to breakeven from solar panels? Consumers also likely have no idea they can “sell” their excess power generated back to the utility, especially in states like California where the sun is almost always shining.

Remember: Inform, entertain, and promote!

Create a limited time offer.

Urgency works to get some of those “on the fence” buyers moving. An easy idea will be the federal solar tax credits expiring in 2023! Let all your aged solar leads know about it ! Or like I mentioned above, use  another “magnet” like $1000 off a Tesla battery, or have consumers submit their power bill and the highest bill wins.

1. Contact prior customers and ask for a review!

Referrals and word of mouth recommendations have always been a thing, but the staggering number of review and social media sites have become a golden opportunity. You can do this a couple different ways. You could send them a simple text or email for a 5 star review after the sale, or offer them $500 for anyone they refer over who installs solar on their home.

2. Co-market with other services with your aged solar leads

Does one of your aged solar leads have a “haunted house roof” and not necessarily qualify for a solar system? Call your roofing buddy! Do your customers not have any clue about tax credits? Offer a referral to your tax guy. Another social media magnet could be a discount on other services like landscaping in exchange for an energy audit. Finally, if you don’t do solar panel cleaning, find someone who does who you can refer your clients too.

3. Test new lead sources and pursue old, cold, and fresh leads.

Business is still a numbers game despite the solutions above. Nurture your aged solar leads leads like usual, but follow up with the old ones, and cold call older leads while you’re at it. There’s still gold there – people change their mind and situations quickly.

Also, have you implemented aged solar leads into your marketing strategy? Find out more about Aged Solar Leads Here You can buy that $40 lead for $5 30 days later, or try some older leads for even cheaper! We’ve found people reapply for solar information once the telemarketing smoke has cleared, or maybe they spoke to a rep on his first day.

By : Sam Irving

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